Propaganda, (Guess where in) Marseille, 2024

FR / EN – The international ameddias network, based in Luxembourg was created in 2007 following a tragic crisis: the fatal railway accident SNCF/CFL, in Zoufftgen on the Franco-Luxembourg border. Among the six missing, Prof. Dr. Alexandre Marius Baron Dées De Sterio known as “Marius”. This Luxembourgish Professor went to the University of Metz to give a course in Information and Communication Sciences. He was appreciated by students whom he challenged by explaining the entropies of Information and Communication systems through times of Media Propaganda.

Marius Dees De Sterio, inspired ameddias and originally the name of the organization bore his initials: AMDDS. For a better understanding of ameddias’s activities around media and mediation, we have added vowels. Thus, “Ameddias” was borned, on the Doctoral School benches of the University of Lorraine and go on to work today on mediation, communication and organization

More infos? Contact us at info[at] if your concerns are linked with our topics for 2024/2025:

  • Media & Propaganda;
  • Crisis and Communication Management;
  • Ethic, SCR, CSRD & Universal Income;
  • Digital rights & GDPR;
  • Robotisation and transhumanism.