FR /EN Ameddias Network

Our Mission: Bridging Crises and Communication

Ameddias Network, based in Luxembourg, was founded in 2007 in response to a tragic event: the fatal SNCF/CFL railway accident at the Franco-Luxembourg border. Among the six lives lost was Prof. Dr. Alexandre Marius Baron Dées De Sterio, affectionately known as « Marius. » He was on his way to the University of Metz to teach a course in Information and Communication Sciences. Marius was highly regarded by his students for his engaging explanations of the complexities in Information and Communication systems, especially during times of Media Propaganda. In honor of his legacy, his students established Ameddias.

Our Focus Areas for 2024/2025:

  • Media, Public Relations & Propaganda
  • Crisis and Communication Management
  • Ethics, Data , & AI power and biais
  • Digital Rights & GDPR
  • Robotization and Automation

For more information, or if your interests align with our topics, please contact us at info[at] Join us in exploring these critical areas and making a meaningful impact.